Cloud Forum Held on Quality Assurance for Blood and Blood Product

On the morning of November 25, the cloud forum themed on Quality Assurance for Blood and Blood Product was jointly launched by CSBT and Roche Diagnostics, inviting domestic and international experts in the field of blood safety to participate.

This forum was hosted by Director FENG Shuli from Working Party on Informatization, CSBT (CSBT/MIS). Initially, on behalf of CSBT, Mr. FENG welcomed all the online attendees to exchange their views on the industrial eternal topic: Blood Safety.

Three lecturers were invited to present in the forum. The first lecturer was Professor HUANG Chengyin, deputy director of Jiangsu Blood Center as well as Working Party on Blood Quality Management, CSBT (CSBT/QM). He presented procedures and experiences of blood donor reentry in Jiangsu Province, mainly on reentry preparations, strategies and donor management system. Then in the Q&A session, he issued their experiences with the automated sample pre-processing system in reducing error rate as well as improving efficiency and traceability in blood detection at blood establishments.

The second lecturer was Professor Gordon, deputy director of the Canadian Blood Services, who presented on Customized Blood Safety Solutions to Meet Patient Needs - Automated Systems Applied to Improve Detection Efficiency at Canadian Blood Services.

The third lecturer was Mr. YU Ding, General Manager of Chengdu Rongsheng Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. In his speech, quality control of material blood plasma and products in his company was discussed from both legal and practical perspectives, in terms of which also provided a valuable opportunity to exchange and share with peers.


Source: CSBT Secretariat.

Translated by YU Zhixuan;

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, ZHU Shanshan.