The CSBT Publicity Training Session Held in Wuxi

On March 14, the CSBT publicity training session was held in Wuxi. Mr. SHEN Xinhua, an expert lecturer, shared his strategies on public sentiment control and key emphasis of social media workers. His thought-provoking lecture was in line with daily work needs and benefited trainees a lot.

During the session, Ms. HU Qiuyue presented her experience themed on Inheritance and Innovation. Mr. SUN Peng shared a lecture on Salute to the Ordinary. Deputy Secretary-General of CSBT, Ms. LIU Qingning, thereafter introduced the 2023 annual plan of the association as well as the recent development of publicity work.

A total of 39 publicity correspondents from blood establishments, blood administration offices and transfusion research institutes in 34 provinces were nominated and received their letters of appointment during the session.

In the afternoon, part of the session participants visited Wuxi Regional Blood Station.


DATE: 03/15/2023

Source: CSBT

Author: CSBT Secretariat

(Translated by YU Zhixuan; Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.)