Working Meeting of Volunteer Service Committee, CSBT is Held

On March 26, the working meeting of Volunteer Service Committee, CSBT was held.

President ZHU Yongming attended the meeting and congratulated the establishment of Volunteer Service Committee. He hoped that, under the leadership of Captain ZHANG Xi, with support of 7 branches, the committee could play a regulatory role nation-wide, optimize management rule, and carry out more operational and instructive work.

During the meeting, Constitution of Volunteer Service Committee, CSBT was discussed and approved, explicating the purpose, responsibilities and organizational structure of the committee,  as well as the rights and obligations of branches and volunteer members. Thereinto, the team’s purpose is to safeguard human life and health, carry out humanitarian social services, promote volunteer blood donation and hematopoietic stem cell donation, spread spiritual civilization, improve peace and progress, as well as serve blood donors and volunteers. Hosted by Captain ZHANG, participants fully discussed and brainstormed, and national investigations and trainings on volunteer team management and service processes were on the plan.


Date: 03/26/2023;

Source: CSBT;

Author: CSBT Secretariat.

(Translated by QIN Pinzhi; Reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.)