The Inaugural Assembly of Working Party on Immunohematology, Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion Su


The Inaugural Assembly of Working Party on Immunohematology, Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion (CSBT/IH) was held in the multiple-function hall of the Beijing Zhenhai Building, on May 17th, 2017. Zhu Yongming, Chairman of CSBT, Liu Sugang, President of the 307th Hospital of Military Chinese People's Liberation Army (307 Hospital), Dai Suna, Vice Chairman and secretary-general of CSBT, Chen Yunsong, Vice President of 307 Hospital, and more than 40 experts from blood transfusion services all over China attended the convention. Zhu Ziyan, Vice President of Shanghai Blood Center (SBC), presided over the meeting.

The CSBT/IH is one of the 24 newly established branch office organizations of CSBT, which are set up according to the spirit of the 7th Director Meeting of CSBT, to adapt the development of blood transfusion services in China in the new era.

As the host of the conference, Liu Sugang, President of 307 Hospital, gave the welcome speech. He introduced the general situation of 307 Hospital, and expressed hope to strengthen military and civilian construction and the desire to work together to promote blood transfusion safety in China.

Dai Suna, Vice Chairman and secretary-general of CSBT, announced the appointment of Luo Qun as the first chairman of CSBT/IH. Luo is Director of the Blood Transfusion Department at 307 Hospital.

Zhu Yongming, Chairman of CSBT, awarded the letter of appointment and seal of CSBT/IH to Luo Qun.

Afterwards, Luo Qun gave a speech, saying that all members of CSBT/IH would, under the leadership of CSBT and based on the functions of the branch, promote academic exchange and personnel training among national blood collection institutions in the field of Immunohematology and strengthen international exchange and cooperation.

Zhu Yongming, Chairman of CSBT, then gave an important speech. He congratulated the establishment of CSBT/IH and expressed hope that CSBT/IH use the advantages conferred by expert professionals to promote blood safety construction in the field of standards establishment, academic exchange and personnel training, social mobilization, and publicity.

Subsequently, the Assembly elected the vice chairman of the branch through a secret ballot. Zhu Ziyan, Miao Tianhong, Xu Qun, Li Cuiying, and Ji Yanli were elected vice chairmen of CSBT/IH.

The draft of CSBT/IH’s functions and annual plan was discussed in the convention, and an official version was agreed upon. The principals and procedures of each item were also determined in the meeting.

SBC is the supporting institution of CSBT/IH. Zhu Ziyan, Ye Luyi, and Li Qin from SBC were elected as vice chairman, youth committee member, and secretary of CSBT/IH, respectively. SBC will make full use of its advantages and capabilities to serve CSBT/IH going forward.

Through the establishment of the Assembly, the staff and organizational framework of CSBT/IH were decided, and its functions and tasks made clear. All members of CSBT/IH will use hard work to promote the development of China's blood transfusion services in the field of immunohematology.

Reported by Li Qin, edited by Kurt Lee

1 Leaders attending the meeting

2 Awarding the letter of appointment

3 Conference discussion

4 Group photo