The 2023 National Annual Meeting on Clinical Transfusion Medicine is held in Hainan Province

The 2023 National Annual Meeting on Clinical Transfusion Medicine was hosted by Working Party on Clinical Transfusion of CSBT(CSBT/T) in Hainan Province on April 25, .

A total of 17 domestic well-known experts in the field of clinical blood transfusion were invited for on-site lectures. The main reports included but not limited to the following:

1 The Strategy of Plasma Infusion, reported by HU Lihua, Chair of the committee;

2 The Present and Future of Clinical Blood transfusion, reported by QIAN Baohua, Deputy Chair;

3 Progress in Patient Blood Management, reported by Xie Jue, Deputy Chair; 

4 Expert Consensus on Blood Management of Perioperative Patients in Non-cardiac Surgery (2022), reported by ZHOU Jicheng, Deputy Chair;

5 Integrated Solution for Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemophilia, reported by WANG Xuefeng, Deputy Chair;

6 Thoughts on Quality Control in Clinical application of PRP, reported by SHAN Guiqiu, Committee member.

After 3 days, the annual blood transfusion conference with nearly 400 participants came to an end. At the closing ceremony, experts were awarded certificates of gratitude for their excellent lecturers.


Reported by CSBT Secretariat;

Translated by CHEN Xiaoli; Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen