The Summary Conference of CSBT WEGO Fund Held ——Past, Present and Future

The symposium on the planning of blood transfusion research project and CSBT WEGO Fund summary conference, hosted by the CSBT and co-organized by Shandong WEIGAO Group Medical Polymer Co., LTD., were successfully held in Shandong Province on May 5th.


ZHAN Linsheng, Chairman of the Academic Committee of WEGO Fund, Chair of the Committee on Scientific Research of Transfusion Medicine, made a summary report of Phase I of WEGO Fund of CSBT.


The main reports included but not limited to the following:

1 Seeds of Transfusion Medicine Sprouting from WEGO Fund, reported by ZHU Ziyan, Shanghai Blood Center;

2 Experience of WEGO Fund Application, reported by LIU Jiaxin;

3 Scientific Research Development of Shenzhen Blood Center under WEGO Fund, reported by LIANG Shuang, Deputy Director of Blood Supply Service Department of Shenzhen Blood Center

4 Scientific Research Progress in Blood Transfusion Medicine, reported by ZHAN Linsheng;

5 The Development of Blood Transfusion Medicine relies on Scientific and Technological Innovation, reported by QIAN Kaicheng, Chief Scientist of WEGO Blood Technology.


Other representatives and leaders of excellent projects also reported.


After eight excellent academic reports, participants had a warm discussion on how to better utilize funds and promote scientific research in blood transfusion.




Reported by the CSBT Secretariat;

Translated by ZHOU Yanjun;

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen