Passion and Love, Mission and Responsibility——74th Blood Donation by President ZHU Yongming

On June 6, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, ZHU Yongming, the President of CSBT, dressed in a red T-shirt symbolizing blood and life, arrived at Shanghai Blood Center and successfully completed his apheresis platelets donation, the 74th blood donation.

As an advocate and promoter of domestic blood donation, President ZHU Yongming has been participating in blood donation for decades, and has been awarded many honors, such as the National Blood Donation Gold Award, the Shanghai Blood Donation Magnolia Award, the National Individual Award for Blood Donation Promotion, and 2020-2021 National Blood Donation Bronze Award.

Give blood, share life. Blood donation is not only the embodiment of love, the devotion for blood transfusion, but also respect for life.

On the same day, under the influence of President ZHU, the secretariat of CSBT also commit apheresis platelets donations. Gathering energy, donating blood, and conveying love!



Reported by the CSBT Secretariat;

Translated by ZHU Shengjiang; 

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen