Working Meeting of CSBT Supervisory Committee is held in Beijing

On the morning of April 13th, the Supervisory Committee of CSBT held a working meeting.

At the meeting, LIU Qingning, Deputy Secretary-General, informed the progress of the association's work. AN Wanxin, Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Committee,  reviewed the main work of the current supervisory committee since its establishment. LV Hangjun and LI Fang, members of the Supervisory Committee, discussed and supplemented the report. The other members of the Supervisory Committee unanimously agreed that the Supervisory Committee of the CSBT should carry out activities in accordance with relevant national regulations and the association's articles, promote the work of the CSBT, and maintain its development.

In the summary of the meeting, AN Wanxin emphasized that it was necessary to  review and summarize the past and plan for the future. Through sufficient discussions, members of the Supervisory Committee had sorted out the context and clarified the goals, and would continue to play the role of self-discipline and supervision. All the members should continuously study the Party and the state's policies and major decision-making arrangements, understand the industry situation, and grasp the requirements of the situation. It was necessary to adhere to the orderly work in accordance with the law and regulations, focus on key issues in the development of the CSBT, and provide realistic and pragmatic opinions and suggestions.

Reported by the CSBT Secretariat;

Translated by CHEN Xin; 

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen