CSBT Assists Blood Donation in Rural Counties

In November 2022, CSBT had received a notice from the Ministry of Civil Affairs on assisting poverty-stricken counties. According to the requirements of the notice and the industrial characteristics, CSBT had formulated key tasks for 2023, including assistance to Chengkou County(Chongqing City), Jishishan County(Gansu Province) as well as Tongwei County(Gansu Province).

In August 2023, CSBT signed assistance agreements with these 3 counties. For Chengkou county blood bank, CSBT entrusted Chongqing Blood Center with 20,000 yuan to buy and send blood donation souvenirs. These souvenirs meeted its urgent needs, thereby enhancing the voluntary blood donation development in Chengkou County.


Source: CSBT;

Translated by LI Wanli; 

reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.