The Communication Meeting of CSBT Temporary Cadres Held in Beijing

On December 8, the communication meeting of CSBT temporary cadres was held in Beijing, hosted by CSBT deputy secretary-general LIU Qingning. President ZHU Yongming, CSBT secretariat staff and temporary cadres working in secretariat from 2017 to 2023 attended the meeting. 

During the meeting, President ZHU firstly welcomed all cadres to come back and witness the development of CSBT secretariat. He emphasized that all the improvements in management and working environment were benefited from joint efforts and sustainable promotion by all cadres. Besides, he was gratified with everyone’s growth and gains in work achievements, ideas as well as methods. He hoped everyone could keep making more progresses and serving blood transfusion industry well.

Representatives of temporary cadres from different positions then reported on their growth and gains during recent years, and put forward constructive suggestions for the development of CSBT and the work of secretariat.


Date: December 8, 2023;

Source: CSBT;

Translated by ZHU Shengjiang; 

reviewed by ZHU Shanshan, JIANG Nizhen.