Annual Meetings of CSBT Branch Committees Held in Jinan and Wuhan

With the aim of fostering the growth of new branch committees, executing the annual work plan, and enhancing interactions among committee members, CSBT made its first attempt to gather the annual work meetings of all working parties and committees in a single location. The first batch of 12 committee meetings was held in Jinan from March 13 to 15, followed by the second batch in Wuhan from March 20 to 22. Before the meetings, ceremonies for the appointment of new chairmen and the appreciation for the outgoing chairmen were held.


President ZHU Yongming put forward requirements for the new working parties and committees. Firstly, it is necessary to study their respective duties, defined professional scope and requirements. Secondly, all committees should offer professional advice, guidance, reports, research, consultation and publicity within their relevant fields, to better serve CSBT and its members as well as the industry. Thirdly, the influential, continuous and branded works that have been already established in committees should be continued and further expanded. Finally, branch committees should show a sense of coordination in the planning and execution  national-level activities. It is hoped that each branch committee will arrange annual work plans, create a three-year schedule and implement them one by one.



Reported by CSBT

Translated by XIAO Hanxianzhi;

Reviewed by FENG Chenchen, JIANG Nizhen