Vice President of New York Blood Center Professor Beth Visits Shanghai Blood Center

Professor Beth Huizenga Shaz,senior vice president and chief medical and scientific officer of New York Blood Center, visited Shanghai Blood Center on September 11th, 2017. Mr. Lu Taohong, President of Shanghai Blood Center and Dr. Wang Xun, deputy director of the Institute of Blood Transfusion, conducted a discussion with Prof. Shaz.

First, Director Lu welcomed the arrival of Professor Shaz. Then, Director Lu and Professor Shaz introduced the organizational structure, major work about blood recruitment, collection, testing, clinical supply and transfusion research and education in Shanghai Blood Center and New York Blood Center, respectively. Director Lu said that he was looking forward to establishing close cooperation between the two centers, as Shanghai and New York are both international metropoles and the two blood centers are responsible for similar work. 

Finally, Professor Shaz also participated in an academic discussion in the department of Transfusion Transmitted. Zhangbo, a researcher of this department, made a presentation titled “Pathogen Inactivation of Blood Components by Methylene Blue Photochemical Method“. Researchers from this department discussed the problems explored in the study with Professor Shaz. She expressed hope that they would have further cooperation in scientific research in the future.

Reported by Wu Xiaofei

Edited by Kurt Lee

President Lu Taohong of SBC meets Dr. Beth H. Shaz

Lab meeting in TTI lab