Shanghai blood center (SBC) technical staff attended a series of HLA related events held in Californ

September, 2017 is a busy month for the HLA (human leukocyte antigens) world. A series of events were held in California, United States, including the 17th International HLA & Immunogenetics Workshop immediately followed by the 43rd Annual ASHI-American society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Meeting, and the foundation of International HLA Union for Chinese.  Shanghai Blood Center (SBC) sent research member Professor Yang Ying to attend these events. These events were organized by Stanford Blood Center and Stanford Medicine, ASHI, and the Working Party on human tissue antigens under Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion respectively. 

The main topics for these events were to further advance the continued international collaboration in research in the HLA field (including stem cell and solid organ transplantation), define HLA and KIR genomics, map serological epitopes using NGS and single antigens bead technologies, and to provide a mechanism for exchanging reagents and technical skills worldwide. There were over 900 attendants for the 43rd ASHI meeting, including over 70 attendants with Chinese ancestry participating in the foundation of the International HLA Union for Chinese. They discussed and shared their thoughts and suggestions about hot topics in HLA fields and happily expressed their interests in further cooperation. 

After meetings, some attendants from China visited Stanford Blood Center, Stanford University Medical School, the high modernization in the HLA lab and multiple automated NGS device layout really left the visitors with a strong impression. 

Reported by YANG Ying

Edited by Kurt Lee

The foundation of International HLA Union for Chinese