Dr. Karin Magnussen gives a lecture on donor care in the 11th round of Education Course for Leadersh

Dr. Karin Magnussen delivered a lecture on donor care to the students in the 11th round Education Course for Leadership of Blood Services on November 22th, 2017 in Shanghai.

Dr. Karin Magnussen, who comes from Denmark, is the medical adviser for the International Federation of Blood Donor Organization (IFBDO) and chair of the IFBDO medical counselors group, vice chair of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)’s Working Party on Donors and Donations and AABB’s Committee on Donor Health and Safety. She was invited by CSBT and Shanghai Blood Center to teach in the 11th round education course.

Dr. Karin Magnussen stated that blood services are obligated to prioritize the health of the donors and she further emphasized the significance of donors health to blood safety. During the lecture, she explained that after donation, donors need recovery time for Hb, ferritin, VO2 and endurance. She discussed the causes and prevention measures of blood donation adverse reactions, especially needle injury. Meanwhile, she elaborated on an important effect of donation on donor health which is iron deficiency. She explained the relationship between haemoglobin and iron, iron and blood donation, and the uptake and storage of iron. At last, Dr. Karin Magnussen described to the students the system she implemented in Copenhagen to monitor iron and haemoglobin levels of blood donors. The students were very interested in the contents of Dr. Karin Magnussen’s lecture and asked many questions. Students also made a presentation on measures of protecting donor health implemented in Chinese blood centers. 

After Dr. Karin Magnussen’s lecture, Dr. Zhu Yongming, president of Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion and director of WHO Collaborating Center for Blood Transfusion Services, awarded the Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Karin Magnussen and thanked her for her wonderful lecture.     

rted by Sun Jie

Edited by Kurt Lee

Dr. Karin Magnussen gives the lecture

ZHU Yongming, President of CSBT awarding thankful letter and gift to Dr. Karin Magnussen after the lecture