Transfusion Medicine Service Group of SBC attends the Working Meeting of the Haemovigilance Committe

November 7, 2017, Dongfu Xie, a transfusion medicine physician from Shanghai Blood Center, participated the second working session of Haemovigilance (HV) Committee held in Chongqing. 

During this session, the HV committee of CSBT heard the reports of the achievements and experiences of HV in several regions, and discussed the next work plan. The session was hosted by Tao He, the committee Chairman and the president of Chongqing Blood Center. Dr. He made a working report, in which he summarized the work in the second half of 2017 and proposed the plan for 2018. Dr. He proposed that the main work plan of 2018 should be to carry out a thorough investigation of the national HV situation and complete the investigation report in the first half of 2018. 

At the session, Dr. Xie made a report on "Haemovigilance Guideline Interpretation”, introduced the development and revision of the HV guideline, and shared the HV experience in Shanghai. According to the work plan and the committee secretariat's invitation, Dr. Xie drafted the Questionnaire on HV and introduced the contents and methods of the investigation. The investigation was supposed to show the national actual situation of HV, and to provide an objective and accurate decision-making basis for the steady progress of HV in China.

Reported by XIE Dongfu

Edited by Kurt Lee

Dr Xie made the report of “Haemovigilance Guideline Interpretation”

Dr Xie introduced the contents and methods of the HV investigation.